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The Reviews


Leberecht Glaubwürdig, Ostfälische Neue Kunde, 2019-09-15:

This Feldmann studies around for countless years at such a high school there without being awarded a doctorate like every decent person and dares to step to the people without it. What a cheek!

Roseanne Annerose, Ostdeutsche Große Ganze, 2019-09-15:

Michael Feldmann unconcealed thinks about his end of life and shows how creatively and humorously you can live and end your life. Never forget, You only can live and die once — happy.

Lester Leumund, Altbayerische Umlandschau, 2019-09-15:

When I heard Michael Feldmann singing the first time, I learned and understood the great composers in the right way for the first time. His voice and his space demanding singing raise and reveal so much which up to now had been waiting for its recovery in hidden dark. His safe performance, his captivating appearance, his earthy, masculine timbre, his strong and powerful voice unite in his person with a neat and a shaved look, an bottomless education and a solid, brave, imperturbable, incorruptible and noble personality that brings so much love and generosity to mankind. Let us kneel down before the master!

Anita Gutschrift, Mitteldeutsche Meinungshilfe, 2019-09-15:

Finally we have a competent man who as the first nonparty and therefore first trustworthy candidate wants to and will become secretary general of the administration community of Österland. Chapeau to so much civil sense of responsibility!

Willi Meinungswirt, Ganzrheinischer Landesrufer, 2019-09-15:

What should we think of a secretary general who every day kneels in front of a puddle, in a suit of a CEO enjoys his own reflection in the water and files his fingernails, when his eyes pop out of his head? I can never get that sight out of my head again!

Gertrud Sachtwas, Niederfränkische Neuigkeiten, 2019-09-15:

Why should this Feldmann find the perfect woman of his dreams, if I haven't found a halfway useful man till today and always have to write silly articles on idiotic subjects, so that this bloody rag at least is financed by advertisements for sausages.

Gosewin Weißbeißer, Oberfriesischer Tidenbote, 2019-09-15:

Who is Michael Feldmann then? Please believe me at last that I do not know this Feldmann. Is it a local politician? Or is it your neighbour?