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Heroic Deed

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25th April 2020
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Dear Readers!

Now we collectively are in protective custody. This inhibits the infections with SARS-CoV-2 and the people changing, too. The federal and the state government have protected us from a virus that causes a respiratory disease. Now every influenzal infected finally is able to recover from his or her infection and no longer has to be told by his or her work colleagues you didn't have to be sick because of a flu-like infection with 40 degree fever, because this toward the work colleagues would be inconsiderate and would harm the company. A kitchen helper only can dream about home office. As opposed to this the federal and the state government have realized that the nation works for the national economy but is not worked by it.

Since this week I owe to the COVID-19 pandemic a dreamy free and adventurous Würzburg without belching shouting of the dominant students and the shrill laughter of the clung female students. The dissertating doctorating are not missing either. They all are gone. That was long overdoe. Now Würzburg is the city of proper citizens and invites you to an exciting ghost hunt at night, when you can hear the undead princes thirsting for blood. Surely the Bundeswehr will practice the house war here next week in preparation for Day X. Now the city is best suited for this — and prepared for it.

Curfew does good — no matter what it costs. Now it is as lovely again as it was in the past. I call for a human right to curfew for other persons. One day we will awake from the sleep, drink, guzzle and fuck and realize: Corona has made everything new. CORONA CREATOR MVNDI. The program SchleichFernsehen on Bavarian TV on March 19, 2020 had the best set and dramaturgy so far. The issue of heute show on ZDF on March 20, 2020 without a thundering clapping company, too, was also the one with the best dramaturgy so far. Companies use the epidemic as an opportunity to reduce production costs. So it will soon be much better for us, because the fewer people are employed, the more money and quiet our nation has.

Your Michael Feldmann