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Heroic Feats

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

to date, medical tests in Germany have confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in hundreds of thousands of people. Even assuming that the actual number of actual infections is around ten times higher, it would only be a small fraction of the people living in Germany. In addition, the virus is still rampant and still claims far more deaths than common influenza. The spread of the virus could be significantly inhibited but not stopped by the hygiene measures of the federal government and the Lands, so that a contamination of the population until it is immunized and the availability of an effective vaccine can only be expected after 2020.

The hygiene measures ordered by the federal government and the Lands do indeed protect the people well against the excessive spread of the virus and the damage it causes. But they restrict the personal freedom of citizens, in the case of masks even considerably. This hinders the dense coverage of the respiratory openings, namely the mouth and nose, free breathing, articulation, temperature and sweat regulation on the face and even communication, because this is also done to a large extent via facial expressions, which due to the dense cover of mouth and nose are also covered. That is why people only wear the mask for as long as they absolutely have to wear it. If they would love to wear the mask as a fashionable item of clothing, everyone would also wear it outdoors, for example in the Würzburg pedestrian zone. But nobody does this. That’s why wearing the mask is a significant restriction on personal development and is always an imposition. It is therefore unlikely that people will attend an event if they know beforehand that they have to sit covered with a mask for hours.

Apart from that, for an event with a playing time of about 120 to 150 minutes, not least for health reasons, it is recommended to take a break from playing for 20 to 30 minutes and to serve non-alcoholic drinks at affordable prices. With the event, I also want to give visitors the opportunity to get in touch with each other. This would happen especially during the break, for example when they are standing near the bar and can talk there. Above all, drinking is not possible with a face mask. And in the event of a lively conversation, the mask would soak or drench too quickly, which would be extremely detrimental to its purpose and, in the worst case, would become a virus thrower. In addition, I don't want to command and guide the visitors like a military unit at my event.

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