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3rd December 2019

Germany is worried. After the BND-scandal and the Verfassungsschutz-scandal and the car-makers-defraud-car-drivers-and-car-drivers-have-to-pay-car-makers-fot-it-scandal and the farmers-drink-Glyphosat-to-manure-their-fields-with-single-varietal-urine-scandal and the Germany-is-not-governed-scandal and the but-Germany-now-is-governed-scandal and the constant government-coalition-quarrelling-scandal and the everlasting the-opposition-in-the-Bundestag-never-does-what-the-government-wants-scandal and the friendly-consumers-are-afraid-of-angry-farmers-scandal and now that toooo: Michael Feldmann from now on compiles usage-statistics of his website, yesss, exactly of this website You are watching at this moment. Learn now HERE which data Michael Feldmann collects! Learn HERE what this means to You as a user of this website! And learn HERE what this means at all! Unknown anonymous Chinese and Russian IT-experts roll up with laughter on the ground and burst: "He can't hold a candle to us with that!" Ma'am and Sir, don't panic! Everything's fine. Michael Feldmann only wants to know which data of his website the users are interested in. But with that he is not able and he doesn't want to discover the identities of the users.

24th November 2019

After the sensational success of the blockbuster sale of indulgences Michael Feldmann now has developed a new, equally convincing psychosocial financial product: the SALE OF ADMISSION. Mankind is going to hell. They fuck, gorge, guzzle and kill to much and always vote for the wrong party. Even when they have recognized this and induced the climatic change, in order to judge themselves, they cannot escape their fate of unending tornment of hell. But Michael Feldmann now can give the blasted mankind hope. Everyone who henceforth buys a letter of admission for an organization of Michael Feldmann gets free hope for one week vacation in paradise for his later damnation in unending darkness and burning heat. Because of their attraction women from Michael Feldmann even get hope for two weeks vacation in paradise. (This special offer doesn't apply for mean boots Dominas.) Secure Your personal hope!

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